Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System S-650-01


The Sleep Oasis Sound Therapy system allows you to drift to sleep by listening to natural and clinically proven sounds. This is the perfect product for you if you struggle to fall asleep. It will block out irritating noises and help reduce the discomfort caused by tinnitus. The Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System creates a soothing atmosphere to give you a good night’s rest.

Brand: Sound Oasis

Includes: Sleep Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System; Sleep, Relax & wellness sound card; Spa Retreat sound card; AC Adapter; Instruction leaflet


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Let 25 years of sleep research help you sleep better and feel healthier! Your brain responds to the sounds that it hears; this system plays back nature, music and therapy sounds based on delta, alpha or beta brainwaves to coax your brain to match these frequencies and enter healthy states of sleep or relaxation.

Sleep Enhancement Technology:

When activated, the playback speed of your unit’s sounds will gradually slow down to gently lull you to sleep. Once the playback speed reaches its slowest point (close to one half of normal speed) the playback speed will remain at this level until the unit automatically turns itself off (if used with the timer options) or you switch it off manually.

The sounds from the unit are produced by sound cards, including are spa retreat sound card which has 6 sounds:

  • Hawaiian Surf
  • Gentle Rain
  • Waterfall
  • Island Stream
  • Asian Garden
  • Summer Night

It also includes 3 of the finest spa music tracks and three therapeutic sounds from Dr Steven Halpern (the worlds leading composer of relaxation music).

The second card included is the sleep, relaxation and wellness card, which features the following 12 sounds:

  • Ocean Surf
  • Gentle Rain
  • Stream
  • White Noise
  • Forest
  • Thunderstorm
  • Energy Chimes
  • Tranquillity
  • Alpha Clouds
  • Sleep Surf
  • Dream Echoes
  • Delta Voyage

The Sleep Sound Therapy System blocks out irritating outside noises, creates a soothing atmosphere that allows you to fall asleep easier, get a higher quality of sleep and enhance your concentration during the day.

Key Features:

The unit has 4 timer options: 30, 60 & 90 minutes and continuous playback. On the 30, 60 & 90-minute options, the sound gradually fades away during the last 10 minutes before the unit turns itself off, this avoids an abrupt end. The unit comes with an alarm clock allowing you to wake to either a soothing sound or a buzzer along with a snooze cycle. You can also use the unit to listen to sounds in private, using the headphone jack.

  • Plays 24 amazingly soothing sounds
  • Sleep, relax and renew your body naturally
  • Overcome tinnitus discomfort
  • Blocks out irritable outside noises
  • Volume Control
  • Snooze Cycle
  • Changeable Sound Cards
  • Backlit alarm clock

What it includes:

  • Sleep Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System
  • Sleep, Relax & wellness sound card
  • Spa Retreat sound card; AC Adapter
  • Instruction leaflet

Product Specifications:

  • The unit is powered by 4 AA batteries or by an AC Adapter.
  • Weight and Dimensions
  • Product Dimensions Approx:
  • 124mm x 89mm x 145mm
  • Weight Approx:  622 grams
  • Colour: Silver & blue



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