Alarm Clocks

If you suffer from hearing loss, these alarm clocks will get you up in the morning.

Hearing Aid Accessory is proud to announce the release of our alarm clocks for the hard of hearing. Ensuring you start your day right.

  • Star Projection Sound Machine Alarm Clock Quick View
    • Star Projection Sound Machine Alarm Clock Quick View
    • Star Projection Sound Machine Alarm Clock

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    • Lull yourself to sleep alongside soothing nature sounds and a tranquil projection of stars with the Star Projection Clock. Turn your bedroom into a haven of relaxion, and slip into a deep, natural sleep. Brand: Lifemax This product includes: 1x Star Projection Clock, 1x user information manual  
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What is an alarm clock for the hard of hearing?

If you suffer from hearing loss to any degree, you will find a normal alarm clock difficult to hear. However, with our alarm clocks, you will always be able to hear your wake-up call clearly. This is all thanks to the designs provided by our manufactures, some of which include: Sonic Alert and Bellman and Symfon.

What types of alarm clocks do we provide?

Digital: The next generation of alarm clocks uses computers and electricity to display the time, they can usually be customized with color and the type of alarm sound they play.

How does a digital alarm clockwork?

The digital clock relies on electronics. Unlike the analog clock, there are no gears and the oscillating wheel has been replaced by a crystal. Once an electric charge passes through, it will change shape slightly, this causes a light ticking noise similar to the analog clock. The advantages of a digital alarm clock are –

Accuracy: A digital alarm clock is considered to be more accurate than an analog clock. 

Readability: The display on the digital clock is larger, making it easier to read than an analog clock. This is extremely useful for older individuals, who may struggle with traditional clocks.

Customization: Digital alarm clocks allow you to change your alarm tone or display color.

How does an analog alarm clockwork?

When you look inside an analog alarm clock you will see several gears. Nowadays they are powered by a battery, however, in the past, they could be powered via a windup device. To keep the time constant, they use a balance wheel in an oscillating system. This moves the gears depending on its cycle, this type of clock provides several advantages such as – 

Low Risk of a power outage: If you keep the batteries fresh, or the clock wound up, the risk of a power outage is severely reduced.

Long Lifespan: As long as it is well maintained. The analog clock can last longer than any other type of alarm clock on the market.

What are the advantages of an alarm clock for the hard of hearing?

  1. Extra-loud volume is ideal for the hard of hearing.
  2. Vibration pads you can put under your pillow for enhanced effect.
  3. Alert lights and red display for easy viewing and visual aid.
  4. Adjustable functions for optimum use.

Why should I get a Hearing Aid Accessory Alarm Clock? 

The problem is that people who wear hearing aids take them out overnight. Meaning they can’t hear an alarm. The pitch of an alarm clock noise is often very high and not adjustable. This is a problem for people with high-frequency hearing loss.

  1. The specialist alarm clocks we offer are all designed with special features in order to wake someone who is deaf or hard of hearing. Hearing Aid Accessory performs a screening process for all of our products, meaning you only get the best Alarm Clocks on the market.

What are the most popular Alarm Clock products?

The most popular choices for our customers are:

The bed shaker: This device produces an alarm sound once the timer has tripped. It then shakes your bed as well, meaning you get more than one indication to wake up.

Vibrating pad: This is a small device that vibrates causing noise, alongside your alarm sound. it offers another avenue to cause the individual to wake up.