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Why should I get hearing aid accessories for my hearing aid?

If you wear hearing aids, you will be aware of the vast number of accessories available. Many people purchase hearing accessories to make life easier to manage with a hearing loss. They can provide the following benefits:

Various maintenance products can help improve the lifespan of your hearing aids. This can save substantial amounts of money in the long run and ensures a better hearing experience – for longer.

A lot of people purchase hearing aid accessories to expand the functionality of their hearing aids. This can extend the standard features. An example is allowing you to connect directly to the TV for enhanced sound quality.

By using the correct accessories, you can greatly improve the performance of your hearing aids, without the risk of damaging them.

The modern range of hearing aid accessories offers a lot of mobility, thanks to their wireless nature. This Provides a major bonus of being able to move around your house freely without the worry of tripping over wires.

What hearing aid accessories are available?

We offer a wide range of hearing aid accessories designed to both enhance your current level of hearing, and improve your ability to hear necessities like fire alarms or doorbells.

Wireless hearing aid accessories:

Many of our accessories are wireless. Meaning they do not require any wires to connect either to your hearing aids or the other devices. There are two types of connection with wireless or bluetooth hearing aid accessories:

In-Direct Connection: The indirect connection type utilises a neck worn streamer to carry the audio signal into the hearing aids. This allows the user a great deal more flexibility when it comes to their daily life.

Direct Connection: The direct connection accessories stream the audio directly to the hearing aids. This is the more traditional method in connecting your hearing assistive devices together.

Wired hearing aid accessories:

The traditional way of connecting your hearing aids is also available at Hearing Aid Accessories, it provides a variety of advantages over the wireless models:

More secure: There is a heavily reduced risk of someone intercepting or replicating your signals, because they would have to get into the wire itself to intercept it.

Faster Speed: The information will reach your hearing aids faster, due to conduction of information through solids, being faster than through air.

What major brands do we stock?

At Hearing Aid Accessories, we have stock many industry recognised brands, all of which have undergone our robust screening process. This ensures you get only the best hearing aid products on the market.

Bellman has been a player in the hearing industry since its creation in 1989, by Mr Peter Jungvid. However since then it has rocketed to become one of the big names people think of for hearing equipment.

In 1943 GN ReSound was created with the aim of improving people’s daily lives, specifically targeting those who suffer from a hearing impairment. Since then it has fulfilled that mission and continues to aim for the stars, by embracing the latest technology with a unmatched vigor.

One of the most modern hearing aid accessory manufacturers. Geemark was formed in 1974, with the aim of providing the best service for individuals suffering from mild and advanced hearing loss.

Probably the most recognised brand in the hearing aid industry and for good reason. Phonak offers a wide selection of specialist and personal hearing aid devices.

Bellman Visit range:

Bellman Bridge: This device allows your old and new devices to connect together, including if they are running on different radio frequencies.

Bellman Ringer: This device enables you to clearly hear when your telephone rings via a strong sound signal and clear lights.

Bellman Visit Flash Receiver: This device receives information gathered from your devices in the form of radio signals and alerts you if any of them have been triggered such as the doorbell.

Bellman Visit Magnetic Switch: Be alerted the moment your door or window is opened with this security device.

Bellman Visit Happy Family

Why do we recommend the Bellman Visit product range?

Your home is the centre of your life. It’s where you sleep, it’s where your family lives and it’s where you feel safe. The Visit system is designed to watch out for your home so you can focus on yourself and your loved ones.

Keeps tabs on your home: Visit gives you full control of your home and easily caters to your needs. It offers cutting edge telephone detection, doorbell detection, reliable baby monitoring and fire protection. All of which meets the highest standards.

Know when your guests arrive: Preparing family dinners is always a busy task. There’s food to cook, beds to make and the house springs to life. With sizzling pans, whirring blenders and whining vacuum cleaners.

A warm welcome: When the doorbell rings, the transmitter signals the pager on your belt. The pager’s gentle vibrations will tell you that your guests have arrived.

Keeps you in the loop: When the phone rings, the transmitter signals the Flash in your living room. The bright lights will show you that someone is trying to get a hold of you.