Hearing Aid Batteries

Reliable hearing aid batteries can be the difference between crystal clear hearing and an unreliable earpiece. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of batteries in a variety of sizes including 10, 13, 312, and 675.

  1. We only stock trusted brands including Phonak and Rayovac, ensuring you only receive the very best quality products.

What size batteries are available?

  1. There are four main sizes of batteries that are color-coded and numbered for use with hearing aids. However, manufacturers have committed to producing an even smaller hearing aid battery, whilst still retaining the same power as before. 

This is the largest hearing aid battery available. It can output the greatest amount of power and is used in ‘power heavy’ hearing aids. The lifespan is between 3-10 days. This depends entirely on usage and the conditions it is operated under.

One of the more common sizes, this battery is used in smaller behind-the-ear hearing aids. It can also be used in larger in-the-ear hearing aids, due to both power and easy handling.

Size 13 is probably the most common battery size by the older population, partly due to versatility as well as worldwide reputation.

  1. The life span is roughly 7-10 days depending on the technology in the hearing aid. The type of hearing aid affects how much power is needed. However recent developments show that the next generation of these batteries will last even longer.

The 312 has the same circumference as the 13, but half the depth. So it is a little fiddlier to use for older persons. However, if you think this means you are getting less for your money think again!

Quite a common size, it suits the smaller behind-the-ear hearing aids. It also covers this style of hearing aid.

  1. The lifespan for the 312 hearing aid battery is about 5-7 days. This of course depends on power usage from your hearing aid, giving you a similar lifespan as the orange 13 – with the added bonus of being a smaller size.

The size 10 is the smallest battery available.

  1. These are designed for in-the-canal hearing aids. They are almost invisible, give the bonus of a long lifespan, and are a smaller size than even the 312 option.

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Hearing aid batteries usually last between 5 – 10 days depending on the size of the battery:

– Blue Size 675: 7 – 10 days 
– Orange Size 13: 7 – 10 days
– Brown Size 312:  5 – 7 days
– Yellow Size 10: 7 – 10 days

Common Questions

  1. Hearing aid batteries usually follow a standard template. The use of materials such as zinc ensures they are safe to use. Primarily they are made using zinc-air technology. This works by oxidizing the zinc with oxygen found naturally in the air.

Most batteries for hearing aids come with a peel-off back, which can be seen the moment you remove the battery from the packaging. Once removed, just place the battery carefully inside the hearing aid.

You need to remove the peel-off back and ideally allow the battery to sit for a minute before using it in the hearing aid. This ‘minute’ ensures the battery’s oxygen reserve can fill up before being used and can extend the life of the battery.


Hearing aid batteries can be vulnerable to extreme conditions. They ideally need to be stored at room temperature whenever possible. This ensures their quality is maintained maximizing their lifespan. Try to avoid areas that are damp or vary greatly in temperature.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

The introduction of rechargeable hearing aids has had a drastic effect on hearing aids worldwide. Thanks to its rechargeable nature, you no longer need to keep a stockpile of batteries for your hearing aids. Although the upfront costs are greater, you end up saving more over the long term.

We offer a wide range of rechargeable hearing aid batteries to suit any brand of hearing aid. Including Phonak, Resound, and Widex to name but a few.

How do rechargeable hearing aid batteries work?

The majority of our batteries are based on Li-ion (Lithium-Ion Battery) technology. They work like other similar batteries by using Lithium Ions in the electrochemistry process. In simple terms, they are able to carry a lot of power and store it for long periods of time. There is very little energy loss making them extremely efficient to the point they are used in electric cars.

  • However, this is being phased out thanks to advancements in power to size ratio for the batteries.
  • By decreasing their size while still retaining their power level, you can now have them built permanently inside the hearing aid itself.

What is the advantage of having the battery inside the hearing aid?

By having the battery permanently inside the hearing aid, it allows you to bypass the issue of water damage normally associated with hearing aid batteries. They also remove the need for you to understand how to remove/insert them into your hearing aid.

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Ingress Protection

The ingress protection is quite important for hearing aids and most are at IP68 level these days.

Please check before you purchase the hearing aids you like and ensure it is no lower than this level. If you do not do this you may find you have continual breakdowns, especially if you are prone to perspire or live in a humid environment. To get around this problem, we supply hearing aid drying boxes >>.

Drying boxes are suitable for both  hearing aids and batteries. Not only can you extend the lifespan of your hearing aids, but also store them securely at night, preventing damage that could be sustained otherwise.