Hearing Aid Drying Boxes

Hearing aids are sensitive to humid, dry, hot, or cold environments and the lifespan will be decreased considerably. This can cost excessive time and money resulting in necessary repair or complete replacement.

  • Our range of drying products protects your hearing aids from both these environmental effects. In addition, moisture is also produced within the hearing aid itself. This ensures maximum lifespan so you can enjoy crystal clear hearing for longer.

How does a drying box help my hearing aids?

Hearing aids are a powerful but still delicate piece of technology that due to their nature can be subjected to environments that may prove detrimental to their lifespan, as such maintenance is critical, however repairing them after they have broken can be expensive.

Drying boxes make maintaining your hearing aids cheap and easy meaning you save money in the long run and your hearing remains perfect for longer periods of time than ever before.

What are the advantages of using a drying product?

  • – Saves money in the long term on repairs and replacements
  • – Increases lifespan of hearing aids
  • – Hearing aids require less energy if dry increasing battery life and efficiency

Are they worth the cost?

When considering the cost of your hearing system the small amount to spend on this device could save thousands of pounds in the future by extending the life of the hearing aid and preventing unnecessary repair bills.

It is easy to use and doesn’t get in the way as you use it overnight but you may also use during the day if you so wish, this is common practice by those with more than one set of hearing aids.

How does a drying box work?

Drying products work by placing your hearing aids in their ideal environment while at the same time making sure moisture from either the outside world or from within the hearing aid itself is removed preventing avoidable damage, they also help protect your hearing aids from damage that might ensue from being dropped or knocked thanks to their locked environment.

What causes moisture to build up in a hearing aid?

If a hearing aid is working for several hours each day even in the seemingly safe environment of your home, when they are turned off and cool rapidly this will also create moisture on the internal workings of the hearing aid, this in turn can cause the hearing aid to not work properly and even critically damage it in the form of corrosion of the wiring and the components.

How does moisture affect my hearing aid?

The corrosion on the battery and circuitry components stopped the electrical current flowing resulting in them having parts of the hearing aid or the entire thing having to be replaced which would be expensive and time consuming for the average user.

If the microphone and receiver are dry it takes less power to drive the diaphragm and by requiring less power the hearing aid battery has to work less hard increasing its lifespan.


What do experts say about drying boxes for hearing aids?

It was the industry’s conclusion that many hearing aids fail due to the moisture problem all year round with issues in the summer with the hot weather causing systems to overheat and damaging them, and issues in winter with the heating on in the home producing a similar effect.

  • There is no research to back up evidence that this technology has drastically reduced costs for users worldwide and enables them to enjoy the crystal-clear hearing produced by their devices for longer.