WIDEX RC-DEX – Hearing Aid Remote Control


The RC-DEX is a nifty little gadget that allows the user to adjust volume and change between programs quickly and discreetly all at the push of a button. Not only can you subtly control your hearing aid volume without others noticing, but you can also rest assured that the RC-DEX is easy to set up and completely wireless up to the range of 1 meter.

Brand: WIDEX

Includes: x1 RC-Dex Remote Control, x1 replacement battery, x1 small keyring attachment, pairing user guide.


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The WIDEX RC-DEX is a stylish, compact but user-friendly hearing aid remote control. Its simple and intuitive design also gives you better control of basic hearing aid features like volume control and switching between programs at the touch of a button.


The RC-DEX is completely battery-powered but does come complete with a spare.

How to use:

The RC-DEX is a smartly laid-out piece of kit with three simple keys and is tiny enough to fit on the keychain attachment provided. That means that it’s quick and easy to use straight out of the box. As features are activated, verbal and tone cues in your hearing aids will let you know precisely what you’ve done, and, what’s more, the device comes complete with an onboard LED indicator that lights up when activated.


  • The WIDEX RC-DEX is compatible with:
  • The WIDEX Evoke Hearing Aid Series
  • The WIDEX Beyond Hearing Aid Series
  • The WIDEX Unique Hearing Aid Series
  • The WIDEX Dream Hearing Aid Series
  • The WIDEX Clear Hearing Aid Series

(Note: This device does not work with Widex Evoke Fusion-2 hearing aids or Widex Micro-CIC / IICs)

Key Features:

– Stylish and User-friendly
– Discreet; you won’t need to touch your hearing aids to adjust them
– Intuitive Function Control that’s easy-to-use
– Feature activation with verbal or tone cues to confirm your selection
– Small and Compact design that will fit on your keychain
– Lock switch to prevent accidental activation
– 12-month battery life

What’s in the box:

– RC-Dex Remote Control

– x1 replacement battery

– Small keyring attachment

– Pairing user guide.

Product Specifications:

11.2 x 11 x 3.4 cm


Additional information

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