Connexx Smart Key Remote Control


A small and discreet way to stay in control of your hearing aids. The pocket-sized remote control is sleek and lightweight.

Adjust the volume, programme, or turn you aids off and on with ease. Compatible with selected Specsavers Advance, Audio Service, Rexton & Siemens hearing aids.

Includes: Smart Key Remote Control, CR2450 3V battery and user guide

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When it comes to taking control of your hearing aids, the simplest of items can support you. With this Smart Key remote control, you can easily make changes to your hearing aid volume and programs. You can additionally switch your aids off and on with ease.

This reliable and easy-to-use remote control is small enough to carry around like a normal key ring and powerful enough to control all your essential hearing aid functions. Featuring a “Key Lock” option to prevent any accidental operations whilst the remote is in your pocket or bag.

No need to worry about charging your remote control overnight. The Smart Key is powered by 1 3V Battery which is included. This battery is easily changed when required with the removable back compartment.

With an easy-to-pair step-by-step guide, you only need to pair it with your hearing aids once. Once paired the remote will automatically save and be remembered by your hearing aid each time they’re turned on.

Remote Functions:

  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • Switch to the other hearing aid
  • Turn hearing aids off
  • Turn hearing aids on
  • Reset to the default programme

An LED color indicator light helps you see when controls are activated.


The Smart Key is compatible with selected Specsavers Advance, Audio Service, Rexton & Siemens hearing aids. Please see below for types of compatible hearing aids.

Specsavers Advance:

  • 15 Series, 16 Series, 17 Series, 18 Series

Audio Service G6:

  • Quick, Stiline, Mood, Stiline G6

Audio Service G5:

  • Mood, Sun, Mood Li-Ion, Rixx, Stiline, Quix

Audio Service G4:

  • Mood, Sun, Mood Li-Ion, Rixx, Quix

CE compliance label, confirms compliance with certain European Directives.

Product Specifications:

Dimension: 56mm x 33mm x 10mm

Weight: approx. 28g with battery

Colour: Black

Included in the box:

Smart Key Remote Control, CR2450 3V battery, and user guide

Additional information

Weight132 g
Dimensions13 × 13 × 13 cm