GN ReSound Micro Mic – Hearing Aid Microphone


The ReSound Micro Mic hearing aid microphone lets you hear from a distance up to 80 feet away! Just give the microphone to the person whose voice you want to hear, and let this smart, convenient, and compatible device take over.

Brand: GN ReSound

This product includes: 1x micro-USB cable, 1x UK 3 pink power supply plug, 1x fabric lanyard, 1x velvet carry pouch, 1x user information manual.

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For interpersonal communication, the Micro Mic is a fantastic choice for those with wireless hearing aids. Celebrated for its easy use, the Micro Mic pairs to ReSound hearing aids within seconds and receives audio from a range of everyday devices including mobile phones, computers, and TVs.

By optimizing the signal-to-noise ratio, the Micro Mic improves speech quality in challenging situations where distance, background noise, and poor acoustics is an obstacle. It will send the speaker’s voice directly into your hearing instrument with no need for additional devices!
Compatible with a range of Resound and Danalogic wireless hearing aids.


The ReSound Micro Mic is compatible with the following:

ReSound wireless hearing aids ranges:

  • Alera
  • Verso
  • LiNX
  • Enzo
  • Quattro

NHS ReSound and Danalogic hearing aid ranges:

  • Ambio
  • UP
  • CS61W
  • CS71W
  • CS81W
  • CS91W

Please note that this device is only compatible with wireless hearing aids.

How to use:

Before using your Micro Mic, you need to charge the rechargeable battery. During the charging process, the LED indicator will show a red light. When fully charged, the LED light will still be red, but interrupted by a green blink every 2 seconds. Please note that the empty battery will typically take 3 hours to fully charge. It is safe to leave it charging overnight for the battery cannot be overcharged. To turn the Micro Mic on, press and hold the power button until the LED turns green. After releasing the power button, the LED will blink green every 2 seconds.

To pair the Micro Mic, make sure your Micro Mic is turned on and your hearing instruments are turned off. Open the battery doors and with the tip of a pen (or similar object), press the pairing button once. The LED will now blink orange once every 2 seconds to indicate that your Micro Mic is ready to be paired in channel 1. Your Micro Mic will remain in pairing mode for 2 seconds.

While in pairing mode, close the battery doors. A successful pairing will be indicated by an audible melody being played in both hearing instruments and the LED turning orange for 3 seconds. For individuals using more than one streaming device, press the pairing button twice for channel 2, and thrice for channel 3. The LED will blink yellow two or three times depending on the channel.

Streaming can be started and stopped in one of three ways.

  1. Press and hold the toggle button on both hearing instruments for about 3 seconds to listen to a streamed audio signal. If ear-to-ear coordination is activated in your hearing instruments, you only must activate streaming on one of the hearing instruments. In some ReSound models, you may be able to start streaming with a single press of the push button. To stop streaming, push the program button on your hearing instruments once.
  2. If you have a ReSound Unite remote control (optional accessory), simply press the streaming button. To stop streaming, press the P button, located in the center of the pad. You can also press the home button to return to the default settings.
  3. If you use a ReSound app offering remote control functionality, select the Micro Mic program to start and stop streaming.

To turn the Micro Mic off, press and hold the power button until the LED turns red. Please note that if the battery level is low, the LED will blink orange once every second.

Features and Benefits:

  • Discreet and lightweight design
  • One-to-one communication when clipped on or worn with a lanyard
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Onboard volume control so streamed speech level can be easily adjusted
  • Mute option button
  • Status lights to indicate the mode and to signal when charging is required
  • Drop detector to show when the streamed signal is momentarily muted to avoid unpleasant noises
  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology
  • Mounting clip to attach to your body or lanyard

Included in the box:

  • Micro USB cable
  • UK 3 pink power supply plug
  • Fabric lanyard
  • Velvet carry pouch
  • User information manual

For international orders, the typical power supply included is a UK 3 pin plug, however, we do include a free power adapter suitable for your region. Please ensure you check regional power supply voltage prior to use (power adapter subject to stock availability). Alternatively, a universal USB charger cable is also included, which you can use in your choice of power supply for your region.

Product specification:

Length: 52mm
Width: 19mm
Weight: 18g
Operating range: Over 80 feet/ up to 25 meters
Power supply: External wall adapter
Wireless: 2.4 GHz

Additional information

Weight350 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 13 cm