RAYOVAC Extra Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 Box of 10


A replacement pack of 60 sizes 312 Rayovac Zinc Air Extra hearing aid batteries. Ideal for selected Phonak, GN ReSound, WIDEX, Oticon, and Starkey battery-powered hearing aids.

Brand: Rayovac

This product includes: 60x Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

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This all-new RAYOVAC design delivers energy where it’s needed, prolonging the life of the battery, and ensuring a consistent and precise listening experience.

Rayovac Extra Advanced hearing aid batteries take advantage of the new Active Core Technology, a breakthrough new cell design that maximizes internal space to hold more battery charge, providing longevity, reliability, and the power needed to cope with any situation.

Battery-powered hearing aid devices tend to have greater power than their rechargeable alternatives, making them an ideal solution for those that suffer from more severe hearing loss.

How to use:

To change your batteries, simply open the battery cover on your hearing aids as shown on your instruction manual and replace it.

If you are having trouble changing your hearing aid battery, why not try the 3, the perfect handy tool to help out.

Other Sizes Available: 13, 312 & 675


The Rayovac Extra hearing aid batteries are compatible with any battery-powered hearing aid with a size 312 slot.

Features and benefits:

  • Active Core Technology
  • Long-lasting power of up to 4 years

Included in the box:

  • 60 Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312

Product specification:

Colour: brown

Height: 3.6mm

Diameter: 7.9mm


Additional information

Weight85 g
Dimensions20 × 15 × 10 cm