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Staying aware of your surroundings is crucial, especially for those with hearing loss. Our range of doorbells and alerting systems ensures you never miss a visitor at your door or an important alert from smoke or CO alarms. These specialised systems typically include a receiver that can be worn like a watch, providing multiple alert options such as sound, flashing lights, and vibrations. Explore our products to find the perfect solution for enhancing your home safety and awareness.

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  • Novete Wireless DoorbellNovete Wireless Doorbell Quick View
    • Novete Wireless DoorbellNovete Wireless Doorbell Quick View
    • Novete Wireless Doorbell

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    • This Novete wireless doorbell offers an ultra-long wireless range providing 52 different melodies and an adjustable volume range of up to 115dB. This doorbell is weather-proof, durable, and easy to install. Brand: Novete This product includes: 1x doorbell transmitter (battery included), 2x plug-in receivers, 1x adhesive pad, 2x screws, 2x anchors, 1x key, 1x user information manual
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What doorbells do deaf people use?

Deaf individuals typically use doorbells that are connected to a receiver, which provides visual, auditory, and vibrating alerts. These doorbells ensure that the user is notified through multiple sensory channels when someone is at the door.

The best doorbell for hearing loss combines visual alerts, vibrations, and louder sounds. Brands like Sonic Alert and Bellman & Symfon offer reliable options that are popular among users with hearing loss.

Alerting systems for smoke and CO alarms work similarly to specialised doorbells. They connect to a receiver that provides visual, auditory, and vibrating alerts, ensuring that the user is notified of potential dangers like smoke or carbon monoxide, even if they are hard of hearing.

Yes, many alerting systems can be integrated with other home devices, such as smoke alarms, CO alarms, and even baby monitors. This integration ensures comprehensive safety and awareness throughout the home.

Most doorbells and alerting systems for the hard of hearing are designed for easy installation. Wireless models are particularly straightforward, requiring minimal setup and no complex wiring.

When choosing a doorbell for the hard of hearing, look for features such as:

  • Visual Alerts: Flashing lights to catch your attention.
  • Vibration: Wearable receivers that vibrate to notify you.
  • Loud Sounds: Adjustable volume to ensure the alert is heard.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Easy installation and flexibility in placement.

Specialised doorbells and alerting systems provide peace of mind by ensuring you never miss an important alert, whether it’s a visitor at your door or a safety alarm. These systems are tailored to meet the needs of individuals with hearing loss, enhancing safety and awareness in the home.