Phonak ComPilot & ComPilot II Protection Cover


Designed for the Phonak ComPilot or ComPilot II, this cover protects your ComPilot whilst in use. Helping keep the device free from scratches or surface damage.

Brand : Phonak

ComPilot sold separately. Click here to direct to the Phonak ComPilot.

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Protecting your devices from surface scratches and/or damage can furlong the life of your Phonak ComPilot or ComPilot II as well as keep it in great conditions, as if new.

The flexible rubber cover easily slips over your ComPilot and can be wiped clean if required. Have extra reassurance when placing the device into a pocket or handbag with other items to help keep it free from scratches.

The rubber cover also acts as an anti-grip cover, helping the ComPilot stay in place when worn around the neck or when placed on a surface.

Another great accessory sold separately for your ComPilot is Neckloop Antenna, available in long or short. Click the name to see more.

Phonak antenna streamer on white background


Additional information

Weight18 g
Dimensions20 × 1.5 × 15 cm